Logistic regression coefficient help

I have a logit that I have run. my independent variable can take whole number values from 0 to 5. I got a coefficient of ~ 0.48, which when I plug into the equation e^0.48, I get a value of ~1.61, which doesnt make any sense to me. If I increase from 1 to 2 in my independent variable, I am 61% more likely to see a 'success'? Same with 2 to 3? Am i understanding this correctly?


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Yup, what do the confidence intervals look like? Do you think there isn't a linear effect? If so, perhaps explore a GAM regression.


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sounds right. What are the percentages in each of the 5 categories? They should line up with he 1.61 figure, more or less. If not, may be poor model fit.


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I have never been tempted to do instrumental variables. :)

What do you mean exactly by " I have an endogeneity problem"