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Hi all,

I have a super basic question. I'm at the stage with my data analysis where I've been looking at the numbers so long I've started to see them as living things...and just want to check something before my mind goes completely!! I have a continuous covariate (among others) and a binomial outcome variable (1 = presence of knowledge, 0 = absence of knowledge). I have a significant effect and a z score of -6.55. I am correct in interpreting the minus as indicating that the less of the covariate, the greater the chance of the outcome variable being 1?

Hoping you can help before I question the foundations of everything!


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Depends on which outcome group you are predicting. In general, the bigger the absolute value the bigger the estimate for the outcome or against. Negative value results in odds ratios below 1 and if positive above 1, you should be looking at the coefficients.
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