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I need some help interpreting Beta in my logistic regression. There regression is below (note: the labels at the top are out of place). So I ran this regression with my dependent variable being compliance to cancer screening and the independent variables you will see below in the regression. It shows that closest degree of relative is significant (.007), but now I need help interpreting the Beta. First degree relative was coded as 1. And second degree relative was coded as 2.

My understanding is the minus means as it decreases the dependent variable increases? So does that mean first degree relative is more closely associated with compliance?

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So the DV has 2 options: "compliance","not compliance"?
Is it possible to attached the data? (csv or excel)

Not sure I understand your questions...
SE is the sample standard deviation of the statistic, should be positive.

When all values are zero the odds of "compliance" in comparison to "not compliance" is 0.018.

one unit increase in Age Will decrease the odds of 1 in comparison to 0 by 94.3% (100% - 6.7%) (a.k.a. the odds will be multiplied by 0.067).
You may use the following calculator to get an interpretation.
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