Manipulations on CO2 dataset on R

Hi everyone,

I just started a new course this semester on R. I never used it and i'm stuck on these questions from 3 days, it would be really nice if someone could explain me how to answer with the relative commands.

Thanks a lot in advance

The following 7 questions are based on the CO2 dataset of R.

1) How many of the plants in CO2 are Mc2 for Plant?

2) How many are either Mc2 or Mn2?

3) How many are Quebec for Type and nonchilled for Treatment?

4) How many have a concentration (conc) of 350 or bigger?

5) How many have a concentration between 350 and 435 (inclusive)?

6) How many have a concentration between 300 and 450 (inclusive) and are nonchilled?

7)How many have an uptake that is less than 1/10 of the concentration (in the units reported)?