Mann whitney U help!


I have done 5 seperate mann whitney u tests, but I am having trouble finding the significance of my results. One book says to use the same table as the wilcoxons rank sum test wheras others have a table for just p=0.05. Could anyone tell me where I can find tables for a range of P values?

My results are as follows-
Ua= 53, Ub= 28
Ua= 14, Ub= 67
Ua= 62, Ub= 19
Ua= 18, Ub= 63

Both n values are 9.

Ive got one set of p values which says the following-
p=0.01 21
p=0.02 14
p=0.05 17
p=0.1 11

But I smell a rat because they aren't in order. If those are the right values does that mean my results are for the most part highly significant?? Where can I find tables with higher significances?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!