MANOVA or Multiple ANOVA's

My delimma:

n = 25

I am analizing two different exercises. I will measure each of the 23 parameters at three different positions during the performance of each exercise. Three positions are predetermined.

I am measuring 23 parameters - 6 body segment angles, 12 kinematic, and 5 kinetic.

Should I use a MANOVA or should I break the analysis down into three separate hypotheses.

exercise type is related to positioning (four specific parameters).

exercise type is related to velocity (barbell and body segment).

exercise type is related to kinetics (a few specific force and torque

My concern with performing a MANOVA is the small sample size and large number DV's and the effect that would have on the (df).

If, ANOVA is the answer, I'm not sure what the design should be.

Any suggestions!

Thanks in advance