[meta] How to alter effect direction in metacont


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I am using the meta-package and metacont function for a meta-analysis. Everything works fine, including the forest plot.
However, I have one problem:

I am analyzing difference in mouth opening after a certain intervention. This means that a more negative value is worse compared to a value close to zero. For example, one inteverntion group has a mean difference (post-intervention minus pre-intervention) of -3.40 mm. The control group has a mean difference of -5.60mm. The function in the control group is therefore worse. However, the calculated SMD is +1.04, indicating better function in the control group. This should, however, be -1.04. How do I change this? I know this is possible in, for example, Comprehensive Meta Analysis.

I could also alter the labels beneath the x-axis. However, as my other forest plots have been constructed using a standardized manner, I would rather not alter the forest plot layouts.

Could someone help me? Thanks in advance!
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