minimal required sample size in Power*G

These are the statistical analyses of a Two Way ANOVA in which each factor has 2 groups and total n=48:
- a non-significant main effect of duration of suffering F < 1 ,
- a significant main effect of lie detector, F(1, 44) = 6.62, p =.014, ŋp 2 = .13, and
- a significant interaction effect between duration of suffering and lie detector, F(1, 44) = 5.86, p = .020, ŋp 2 = .12.

Now I tried to calculate the minimal required sample size for a replication study with a power of .90.

I used the software Power*G to calculate the required sample size, but I am not sure if I am doing it right. Can somebody correct me please (see attachment)?

I am mostly struggling with which effect size I should use, is it .12 from the interaction effect above?
What is the amount of groups; because it is a Two Way ANOVA, is it 4 groups (2x2)?

Thanks a lot!