mixed repeated measures ANOVA

I have a data set with two groups of participants - Group_A (anxious, not depressed) & Group_B (depressed, not anxious), out of which half of the participants in each group completed task in one of the two conditions (Training_1 & Training_2) at three different times (before, after and 1month follow up after the training).

I am interested to see the effects of training across time for each of the groups, see relevant main effects and interactions, examine linear and quadratic contrasts, and perform simple effects analyses.

I went to: Analyze-> GLM-> repeated measures; I defined Time(3) as factor, and Group & Training as my Between-Subjects Factors.

And after this I have no idea how to set up all the main effects, interactions and contrasts I want to see. I used to work on models with two Within-Subjects Factors, but not with two Between-Subjects Factors and I got stuck with this analysis.

I would appreciate your help.