moderation/mediation repeated measures

Hello everyone,

I need help with interaction effects in multiple regression analysis.

Study went like this: 120 participants solved 20 base-rate neglect tasks which all differed in ratio and congruence (mediators/moderators). They all solved statistical reasoning test (predictor). Correct response on base-rate neglect tasks were measured (criterion).

Predictor is statistical reasoning (score on statistical reasoning test), criterion is frequency of base-rate responses in base-rate neglect task (correct responses). Moderator (or mediator?) variables are the characteristics of base-rate neglect task (1. ratio and 2. congruence).

I have two questions:

1. Are ratio and congruence moderators or mediators?

2. How can I investigate the interaction effect of ratio and congruence of BRN task on the statistical reasoning-BR frequency relationship in Mplus or STATISTICA?

Thank you all