Multifactorial analysis with R integrated TIME


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I'm about to analyze data using a multifactorial analysis with the R (Rcmdr) software and I'm not too sure on how to organize the factor groups. My trial includes several:

- factors describing plant growth over time (7 sampling dates : root weight, plant weight)
- factors describing pest over time (same sampling dates): number of adults, % of damage observed on plant
- a treatment factor (4 types)

-a response variable measured at harvest: fruit weight

My problem being that measures were done over TIME for "growth" and "pest" factors. My idea was to use an MFA analysis, but I don't know how to organize the factor groups...shall I define a group for each sampling date?Any tips on how to use time series with Rcmdr? Any help would be hiiiiiighle appreciated! thanks and sorry if this post doesn't land were it's supposed to :s
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