Multiple content analysis in spss

Hi everyone, I'm in my second year of psychology and just started a module on spss. I wondered if anyone could help me on this multiple content analysis because I am really confused as to where to start.

I have the data taken from four newspapers lonely hearts advertisements, looking at gender differences in seeking and offering youth and attractiveness, and status and resources for example

The Times newspaper

Youth and Attractiveness

Men - Seeking 34 Offering 10
Women - Seeking 14 Offering 50

Status and Resources

Men - Seeking 2 Offering 27
Women - Seeking 19 Offering 4

I have another 3 sets of data similar to this that have to be compared. I know have to use multiple data entry sheets but apart from that I'm really confused as to where to start/which variable to use etc. I hope I've explained myself clearly, any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Jodie.