Multiple Imputation in SPSS: What to do and report

Hi everyone :)

I'm currently working on a research question where there are 2 categorical predictor variables (one with 2 levels between subjects, the other with 7 levels within subjects) and one continuous response variable. I want to conduct a simple repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS. The problem with my data is that there are a lot of single missing cases and SPSS ANOVA conducts listwise deletion of missing cases, cutting my sample size from around 80 to 30 and even 17. After assessing the data (the random missingness etc.) I came to the conclusion the only useful thing would be to do multiple imputation for the missing data.

I now have the multiple imputated dataset, but am unsure how to proceed. SPSS Repeated measures can't handle imputed data, but SPSS univariate measures or SPSS Mixed model linear regression can. As far as I understand a regression analysis should have the same results as an ANOVA as both my predictors are categorical. However, when I do either of these analyses I don't know what to report (there is not always a pooled option of the imputed data) or even if I am inputting the variables correctly under the menu (fixed effecs?, interaction terms?, etc.).

I'd love some advice on how to proceed and what values to report!

Thank you :)