multiple regression?

how could i get descriptive statistics and p values for each category when using categorical variable by a continuous variable. Multiple regression?

for example differing levels of education levels by the amount of sugar consumed--the p-value as well as descriptive statistics between each category.


TS Contributor
What you use for hypothesis testing depends on the scales on which your variables are measured, on your sample size, and on what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, the description of your study (research goals, hypotheses, research design, sampling procedure, sample size etc.) is very sparse.

For example, educational level is usually considered an ordinal variable, so Spearman's rank correlation coefficient could be used for analysing the relationship between educational level and amount of sugar consumed. But maybe you do not suppose a monotonous relationship between these two variables, so you could try oneway analysis of variance. Or, for small sample sizes, Kruskal-Wallis H-test could be an alternative for oneway ANOVA.

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