Multivariate analysis for categorical dependent

Hi all,

I have a question about multivariate analysis. I'm using SPSS 12.

My dataset includes two variables, "cT_stage" (1,2,3,or 4) and "Treatment_Type" (excision, brachytherapy, or radiation), each of which have a significant relationship with the dependent variable, "S_result". S_result is a categorical variable, 0 or 1 indicating failure or success.

My supervisor has asked me to look into multivariate analysis to assess the effects of two variables further. I've looked into this, but it seems like multivariate (and univariate) analysis can only be used for dependent scale variable(s).

Can anyone advise me on what would be the best way to analyse this data?

A sample of my dataset is below:


Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer,

Lee Alkureishi