Multivariate regression on nominal data

I have a database of patient data and I' want to perform a multivariate analysis looking at risk factors for patient length of stay more than 3 days.

For example I have:

Operation type Operation findings Length of stay > 3 days weight

type x finding a yes 72
type y finding a no 61
type z finding b no 53

Does anyone know how I can do this on SPSS?



TS Contributor
Seemingly you don't want to perform a multivariate analysis (this term
is used for analyses with several dependent variables at the same time)?
If you want to use several predictor variables at the same time, and since
the dependent variable ist binary (yes/no), you could consider multiple
logistic regression. Whether this is actually possible depends on several
factors, e.g. sample size. But "looking at risk factors" is a bit vague for
a research question - maybe you just want to check bivariate relationships
(only one possible risk factor in each analysis)? This could be done with a
series of Chi2 tests.

With kind regards