N changes when weighting cases in SPSS

Hello! I'm stuck here while analyzing data in SPSS and I could really use some help. I'm weighting cases in my dataset, but when I run any analysis the N in the output has changed from 189 to 176. This puzzles me, each case has a weighted value when I check my dataset. Where do I go wrong? This is what I used to compute the weight variable:

IF (GENDER = 2 & CONDITION = 0) weight=0.811.
IF (GENDER = 2 & CONDITION = 1) weight=1.
IF (GENDER = 1 & CONDITION = 0) weight=1.037.
IF (GENDER = 1 & CONDITION = 1) weight=1.

I've got two conditions and gender divided in male and female. Only in one of the conditions I want to weight the cases so the effect can be equally measured.

Thanks for helping a newbie out!