Ndili from Namibia

Hi everyone,

I just joined a few days ago. My Name is Ndilimeke, I am A statistician who holds a degree in Applied Mathematics and statistics and currently busy with my honours degree in Applied statistics. I am working at a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and do statistical projections.

I want to go my Master's degree abroad.

And I hope to have fun on this forum.


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Hi Ndilimeke. I once travelled in SA with a guy from Namibia, who is currently also living in Sweden now. I am fascinated with the languages spoken down there. Africaan is somewhat similar to dutch, which in turn has a lot of similar words as we do in the swedish language. So when I came down there I realized that I could understand many signs et cetera; it was cool. And also, I stayed a couple of days at a bed and breakfast and the family who owned it had a daughter of 5 years old...she spoke 5 languages! I think they have 9 official languages in SA or something like that.

Well, that's my story of SA, which is most certainly not the same as Namibia. Although I would guess you share some common denominators, so to speak :p