need a little hint..... Rosenberg measure of self esteem

Hey everyone,

I am not the most statistacally minded person so please talk to me like you would to a 4 year old :eek:

I am conducting a study concerning the measurment of self esteem using Rosenberg's measure of self esteem. I am measuring a group of adults in a clinical setting at point 1 and after 21 days (point 2) to see whether self esteem has changed. I have a control group outside the clinical setting who will be measured at exactly the same points. What statistical analysis do I have to perform? i am a little confused about this so help is very much appreciated!
t-test or ANOVA

I just read up on this and was wondering why this would be a case for ANOVA. My book is saying ANOVA is used for more than 2 conditions but I guess mine are just 2 conditions, right? Wouldnt it be the paired t-test in this case? And can anyone explain why or why not? Thanks so much!