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Hello fellow Reddit users.

I'm an intern at a relevant data analysis company, and am having a hard time adapting to the work assigned. I'll elaborate on my situation:

I'm going into my 4th year of the bachelor of commerce degree, from which I truly enjoyed manipulating data. I pursued an opportunity (internship) in data analysis, and was fortunate to earn an opportunity to learn by working for 4 months for the company I'm at today. Upon starting this internship, my technical knowledge was quite limited. I knew my basics and intermediates in excel, and could handle SAS just fine. The job itself dealt with SQL servers and Excel, so I believed it wouldn't be an issue since I could learn on the go. For the first month I struggled but battled through excel files to understand my colleagues' logic and work. Partially, I can argue I did fairly well with the first project I was given. It was assigned a small analysis on a market sector, so the challenge was more-so focused on slicing & dicing, and presenting the data.
Now comes where I stalled for quite some time. The second project was much bigger, and much more complex. After a first glance, I felt demotivated due to its difficulty, however never gave up on the challenge itself. I knew at some point I would face a behemoth project and would need to power through it. I did have a template created by my boss from the previous year, so I was confident it wouldn't be a concern to update the sheet. Obtaining data was straight forward, but calculating the right numbers proved to be more frustrating than I ever expected it to be. The sheets on excel looked ridiculously puzzling, and plenty of the formulas used could've been spared if only my boss had used pivot tables or a simpler method to manipulate his data. He admitted himself that his methods were complicated and that he didn't "think of whoever might work on the continuation of the project for the following year". My boss has an intriguingly complex method of displaying his work, which has left confused about how to approach the data myself - given that I have no professional experience in data analysis. To make affairs even more challenging, the raw data set I was provided wasn't fully updated, meaning I had to use part of a quarter to compare results. This completely changed how I approached the data set, and ever since I haven't been able to progress. My numbers don't seem to make sense compared to one another and my colleagues have not been able to help me whatsoever. Every meeting I have with my boss regarding this matter turns into an objective-less conversation about matters that are adjacent to the project but not directly focused on resolving my issue.

After a month stuck on the same issue, I've grown quite tired of the situation I'm in. I feel demotivated and incapable of proceeding. Whenever I consider going back to the excel sheet I hesitate and would rather do anything but what's in front of me. I'm considering whether this is the right career path for me, or if the job itself is the problem.

I'd love to hear some advice from some of you as it can shed some light onto my thoughts.

Thank you.


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Can't you just ask for help from a co-worker. Perhaps after they explain it, everything will be clearer. Or if you are still puzzled after the conversation you should evaluate how of the much work will be like this one project. If quite a bit, you may require more training or the job may be a poor fit.
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