Need help for ANOVA problem solving


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There are three main brands of a certain powder. A set of 120 sample values is examined and found to be allocated among four groups ( A, B , C and D) and three brands ( I II and III ) as shown here under:
Brands Groups
I 0 3 8 15
II 5 8 13 6
III 8 19 11 13
Is there any significant difference in brands preference? Answer at 5% level, using one-way ANOVA.

Could some one please help me solve this problem?
Please send whoever gave you this problem over here, so we can explain to them why it is not a one-way ANOVA problem.
The question is unclear, and the data, whatever they are supposed to represent, appear inappropriate for 1-way ANOVA. I suggest you ask your professor how he would solve the problem.