Need help selecting appropriate tests for assignment

I've had a bit of trouble with these questions. Basically I have a heap of data sets from a survey that I need to run tests on in a statistics-based program called SPSS (t-tests, regressions, etc.). I'm very stuck on what test to use for the questions below. If anyone has any ideas on what test I should be running that would be a massive help!

Q26: Do the respondents agree more with “I have been making an effort to look for fast-food choices that have better nutritional value than the foods I have chosen in the past” than they do with “I consider the amount of fat in the foods my kids eat at fast-food restaurants”? Formulate the null and alternative hypotheses and conduct an appropriate test

Same goes for the question below as well. I'm sorry if I sound really stupid

Q28: Can each of the restaurant ratings (data 9.1 to 9.9) be explained in terms of the ratings on the psychographic statement (data 14.1 to 14.1) when the statements are considered simultaneously?

If anyone needs more context I'm more than happy to provide! It's a case study on Wendy's


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It depends on how the variables are measured, e.g. yes/no statements (categorical scale) versus rating scale (ordinal scale) or interval scales.

Have you already done a web search for statistical test decision tree? Those decision trees might be helpful for you.

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