Need help with a statistics project

I need 100 people to answer this so I can do a school project.

How many hours a week (7 days) do you play a musical instrument? 0, 1-2, 3-4, 5+.
This does not include singing.

Thank you!


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Zero hours a week.

A statistical web page might not be the best place to get reasonably distributed data on this topic. :)


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Well it's clearly a biased sample. But if your target population is "people willing to respond to my post on talkstats" then I think it might be ok. And that's pretty much the default population for any study right?


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Well any study that is using a convenience sample..... :) Something academics always blister (because it can't be generalized) but increasingly use. The problem is that in the end all you can comment on is the boards you went to because of the lack of random survey elements.