Need help with identifying the method for three groups with three factors

Hello everyone,

I am doing a research to find out if three groups of people have a similar preference for three factors and I need help with my approach.
Basically, I want to ask three groups of people to rank the level of importance of three factors and compare the average score of each factor of each group to see if there's any discrepancy of preference between this three groups.
I'm planning to use constant sum scaling questions to measure and present the data in a triangle radar chart.

Is it a right way to do it? And what is this method call? From what I understand, it seems like I'm going with ANOVA 2-way, is it correct?

Also, because these three groups of people have different professions, could I say that I'm using stratified sampling?
If not, what would you recommend with the sampling method?

Thank you.
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