Need help with testing for significant differences

Hey all,

it would be very nice if someone could help me!

I want to test for significant differences in a dataset where I have 4 different locations for which I assessed the total weight (kg). So I have A-1 (kg), A-2 (kg), B-1 (kg) and B-2 (kg). I subdivided those then into different fractions 1 - 18 (kg per fraction).
The places A-1 and A-2 as well as B-1 and B-2 are the same. However, I have the situations A-1, B-1 and A-2, B-2 which represent situation 1 and situation 2.

Now I would like to test if there are any significant differences in
a. The different places/ situations as a whole
b. The different fractions in the different places

I was thinking of testing with the Excel data-analysis tool. Either I want to do an Anova - analysis of two factor varaince without repetitions in measuring. The other thought I had was doing an F-Test or a T-Test (two factors, type 3?).

Sadly, my knowledge of statistics is very basic and it is very hard for me to understand whether my thoughts are right or totally wrong. I would be very grateful if someone could help me! Thank you in advance!!