Need large data sets


I'm doing some Q/A work on a new app for data visualization. I can generate my own random data sets, but I'd like to use some real-world data sets that contain between 100k and 1mil records to thoroughly test the app's density and sunflower plots.

Would anyone here know where such data sets are available free? Ideally it would have several dimensions and several dozen measures. But even just a couple of measures and a single dimension would be enough for now.

Any help would be appreciated.


I've looked through the site and it's links. I can't seem to find any datasets containing over a couple thousand records or so. I need really large data sets containing 100k to 500k records. The application I'm testing can even process well over a million records without a problem and without being slowed down. I want to test the density distribution features specifically (two kinds of plots organized in a variety of ways), which really require massive unsampled data sets to test well.

Do you know of a place where I can get such data sets? Just great big honkin' unsampled sets with at least a handful of measures?

try this: The first link (dasl) is very good.