Need some guidance - which regression to use


So for my research, I have picked up data from INSEAD and Adecco's Global Competitiveness Index. For reference, it ranks countries based on how good they are at attracting, retaining and motivating talent - basically on employer branding. There are a bunch of variables used to do this study - like Ease of Doing Business Index, country scores basis their Quality of Education etc. All these variables are mentioned in the study itself.

I wanted to do a regression on this by taking all these variables, and taking data from say, 2010 onwards. I thought panel regression would be appropriate, but now I'm a little confused because on one hand, I have the ranking of countries, and on the other, my variables are indices or scores.

I do have a statistics background, but details are a little fuzzy to me after all these years.

Can anyone guide me further on this?