need urgent help! how analyze data?

Hi there,
I hope anyone can help... Have been looking up text-book after text-book without getting the info I need!

I am trying to analyze some data on service quality. The purpose of the study is to identify if the perceived service quality depends on the cultural background of tourists. (5 different cultural groups analyzed)

-Main problem: The survey used has more than 10 items on service, each asking the respondents 2 or more questions to rate on a 5 point Likert scale (1= not met to 5= completely exceeded).
-The five groups have quite different sample sizes - two are over 1,000 one is around 500 and two are smaller than 100. Does this result in any problems?

Can anyone tell me what method to use? ANOVA, MANOVA???
As the data is on an Excel sheet and I only have Statpro, i cannot do an ANOVA on differences between countries (countries are all in the same column). So I thought to calculate the mean for each service and each of its question to obtain a table like this:

Rental Services Japan UK US NZ AUS
1st Question 3.2 3.1 4 3.8 3.4
2nd Question 3.3 4 3.3 3.5 2.1
And so on... Can I now do an Anova on these means (using StatPro)???
At the end I planned to take all the means of a country and calculate the mean of the mean to get the overall rating of that country. And do again an Anova test???

I know, this all might be a bit confusing, but my stats class didn't cover ANOVA and it is some time back I last did some Stats.

would be really happy if anyone can help! Have to hand in the research real soon!!! Thanks in advance