New to statistic.. College.. ><

hi, we just started on statistic today, and our teacher told us to search about how statistic are applied to the following (posted below). but unfortunately, the whole class had to guess their answers since we can find then on the book and on the internet either, so i decided to try my luck on the online forums... heres the question.. (its long):eek:

how does statistic apply to the following:

<<< management>>>
( budgeting)
( structure)
(c.working capital management)
(d.stock and bond valuation)
(e.understanding capital markets)

<<<II.Marketing management>>>
( segmentation)

<<<III.Operation Managemen And Production>>>
(a.product design)
(b.facility layout)
(c.location analysis and logistics)
(d.aggregate product planning)
(f. waiting lines)
(e.project management)