Nominal data - how thick am I?!!!


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Help needed!!!

I'm currently completing my dissertation on sustainable procurement - looking at the buying practices of staff and suppliers to my uni. Ive had my questionnaires returned to me and am now attempting to analyse them.

Problem is the questions are all in a yes/no format, so obviously the stats I can do on them are severely limited. Any help on what stats to use on nominal data would be much appreciated.

Ive done levenes homogeneity of variance test and kolmogorov-smirnov test on some of the data to see if parametric tests would be suitable and some of them come back ok, suggesting I can but Im under the impression you cant use parametric tests on nominal data!?!

Im also a bit stuck on the correlation side of things. I really want to do some kind of correlation on the variables the staff look into when purchasing goods but as theyre in a yes/no format and not ranked am I right in thinking I cant use Spearman Ranks??

As you can tell Im not a stats person so any help would be much appreciated!!

Ali x