Help please
I need to provide a non parametric test with two independant samples the wilcoxon is the wrong test and there is not enough data for man whitney test. Which on should i use? Also how do you conduct a unrelated t test on the SPSS as i can do it by hand but need to use the SPSS:eek:

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you can use these tests for nonparametric test with two independant samples:
you can see them on Spss:Analyze\nonparametric test\2 independent sample
for testting with independent t test on the SPSS ,you can go this way in it
Analyze\compare means\independent sample t test
you should enter all of data in a column and then enter a code for them in another column these code are number of group of data .
for e.g:
think , you have two sample of two independent population 1 and 2
so you should enter all of data(samples) in one column then you should enter the number of group of data in another column for e.g
the first datum belongs to 2nd population so it's number of group will be 2
and so in windows of independent samples t test,
test variable is the first column and grouping variable is the second column of you(there isthe number of group of data in it).
non parametric

Hi elnaz,

thanks for your help but still can't do it as it say i have not get got enough data. Here are the questions
a quasi experiment compared men and women's spatal ability using a psychometric test. The following data obtained.
women 13, 12, 15,10, 14, 8, 16
men 16,13,17,18, 15, 15, 14
input and label the data appropriately obtain the appropriate descriptive statistics and carry out the appropriate non parametric statistic test.
you can email on I have thought of using the chi square, or even the pearson test what do you think? i did use the wilcoxon but it was wrong

thanks again kala:yup: