Nonparametric Friedman test - repeated measures and repeated subjects


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Hi all,

I would appreciate some advice on the most appropriate nonparametric test to evaluate the impact on some measures when subsampling my original datasets.
Number of subjects: 9
Number of original datasets: 14 (some subjects have multiple sessions; 3 subjects have 2 sessions; 1 subject has 3 sessions, by session I mean the data was acquired on a different day; I don't have matching sessions because I am still acquiring the data).

For each dataset, I generated 6 subsets: meaning that for each of the 14 original datasets I have 6 subsets (in total 14 original dataset and 84 subsets). I want to evaluate the impact of subsampling my original dataset on 6 different features that I extracted from the correspondent histograms. I used the nonparametric Friedman test to evaluate the effect of subsampling on each histogram metric. However, I am concerned about the fact that within my dataset I have repetitions of the subject. Is there a way to account for that?

Thank you in advance for your time!