Normal Distribution and Skew

Hey guys,

Been a while since my uni days so I hope someone can advise.

I am looking at 1 years worth of temperature data. The data is split into summer and winter months as there is evidently some cyclying during the colder months due to a basic heater control system.

I want to show the data is normal (and it looks ok to the eye) one dataset gives a value of 0.57 and the other other -0.33 on the EXCEL SKEW function.

My question is, with this function what sort of values are deemed not being normal i.e 0.1, 0.5, 1 etc...


Do I need to use another function to test the normal distribution.

When I plot the Temp vs Data and plot Standard Deviation you can clearly see that the winter data has a great spread. Would an F Test be the correct function to test this also.

I look forward to any advise people can give.