Normal Distribution of multiple Std.Dev´s and Means

Is there a way to calculate the Normal Distribution of a set of multiple Standard Deviations (SD) and Means (µ)?

I am afraid I do no have Access to the raw data from which the SD´s and µ´s were calculated.

Many thanks in advance
Expanding the background info and intentions:

I have a set of Engineering Tests that were done in the same conditions of temperature (T, °C) and suply Voltage (V, Volts), carried out on around 50 different Computers.
We measure at a set voltage of 12,5V, and at a tempreature of 85°C, the current consumption (I, Amperes) of a certain component (say Microcontroller) of the Computer.

It is of interest for our customer to find how the current consumption, for a set supply voltage and set temperature, is distributed throughout the 50 Computers.
The original measurement process would take measurements of V, T, I every 500µs for a period of 1 Minute (this would be the raw data). Unfortunately, I only have access to the calculated data that is, the Standard Deviation and Mean of those measurements, for each of the 50 Computers.

Is there a way to calculate a normal Distribution of each of the 50 Standard deviations and means, combined?

I hope this makes it more clear.