Normalization of the domain of a data set


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Hello. I need to normalize a variable to a new # of data points, specifically expand the variable from 70 to 100 points, keeping the same shape and magnitude of the curve. Is there a known function in MATLAB, Excel, or SPSS that can extrapolate/interpolate a curve in this way? All I have been able to find online is single point extrap/interp help and how to normalize the values of the variable (y-axis), but not normalize the x-axis as I'm trying to do.

Basically, I have a lot of data for variables collected for individual steps, but need to normalize them to %-of-the-gait-cycle, so normalize them to 100 time bins instead of the ~70 raw time frames, all while keeping the same overall curve and magnitude of the variable itself.



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I didn't read your post very carefully, but wanted to make sure you mean to use the word "normalize" or do you mean change its scaling?


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Do you mean that you have data already allocated to 70 bins that you want reallocated into 100 bins?
If so, do you want the same max and min, or do you want the max to be 100?