Not sure about what spss test should I use

Hi everyone!
I would like to ask you a question! I conducted an experiment in which 25 men and 25 women listened to an attractive conversation and picked a photo (between a woman with red and a woman with green shirt) and next, they heard a neutral dialogue and did exactly the same, picked a photo between an woman in red and a woman in green. My hypothesis is that men are much more attracted to women in red in contrast to women. I was thinking of using repeated measures ANOVA as both men and women were 'examined' in the same experimental conditions. So, I reckon that my columns are: gender 2 levels (0 for males and 1 for females), attraction 2 levels (0 for no and 1 for yes) and color 2 levels (0 for green-or no red and 1 for red). My problem is how I 'll show that each participant did this twice (two dialogues and 4 photos in total each of them). On the other hand, what about log-linear analysis? Can anyone give me some advice? It's my dissertation's experiment and it's very important for me. And as you realised I don't know many things about SPSS!


You could approach this multiple ways:


1. a chi squared.fisher's exact


2. repeated measures logistic regression.

Standard repeated measures anova is not appropriate for a dichotomous DV. I suggest you google my suggestions and make the decision about what would suit your data. Then determine how to do it in SPSS.