Only for the Clever Ones, can this be worked out, or come close to a good guess?

I work for a company that rates our service output as at percentage. This is done on a monthly basis, each month they will give us our rating, the problem is that when they give us the rating it is the average of the past 3 months, ie., when they say March is an 80% (They really mean the combination of Jan, Feb and March is 80%). Then when they give us the April numbers, the Jan 1 month falls off and then it is the average of the next three month scores ie. feb, march and april.
We have all tried to work out how to come up with the individual monthly score, but because we dont have the first individual monthly numbers we are unable to work out the scores. One thing that might be able to help is that we are given the average of the past 12 months also. I have listed below the data that is given to me, if there is someone out there who would be able to work out what the individual scores are for each month, not the three month average, I will lift my hat off to you.