Order of favorite video games as a kid


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Question: What are your top 5 video games as a kid?


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  1. Super Mario 64
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  3. Pokémon Red
  4. Super Smash Bros.
  5. Kirby's Dream Land


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Its a tie, Contra, Contra, Contra, Contra, Contra. Did I mention that Contra was Awesome. With Skate or Die, Simon's Quest, Commando, and Paperboy getting a couple of votes along with Super Mario, Jackal, and Excite Bike. But the NES game Friday the 13th was number 1 for worst game, I could never figure it out, Jason kept taking the children on the otherside of the lake??


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You were born on the year of Contra, in Japan that is a big deal. Nice! I bet you were in the womb, held down jumb and the down directional, and bam welcome to the world with a awesome down fall - ala Contra.

The only draw back in Contra was it probably literally took me a thousand games before I realized that with machinne guun you could just hold down the button.


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1) Diablo 2
2) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
3) Goldeneye
4) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
5) Pokemon - 1st generation (preferably Red but I had both Red and Blue...)
My favorite game is Pacman on an Apple II. I played for maybe 5 minutes the first day I saw it at a friend's house. It was magical. Nobody has computers those days (80s) but his father was a computer science professor. I fell in love with computers because of the game. :)

On the console I liked 1942, a WW2 airplane game, and a few other games by Capcom. On the PC my favorites ones are Diablo and Starcraft. Wii was fun too.


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Yes, I had only rented 1942, so I do not know all of its intricacies. But yes that was a good one. You could sh00t and do backloops, nice!