Overarching question for each domain

In our investigation of importance of a set of variables to a company's success, we have identified 55 variables, which can be classified into 7 domains. Those seven domains are: (1) Business-enabling environment, (2) Leadership, (3) Technology, (4) Patient Care Focus, (5) Workforce management, (6) Finance, (7) Marketing. By multiple regression, we want to establish the strength of each domain in contributing to the success.

We have first identified 7 to 9 variable under each domain, which total to 55. We will examine the strength of each of the 55 variables in contributing to the overall success of a company.

Now my question is: if we have to examine the strength of each of 7 domains, how do we do that? Should we ask a question, an overarching item/ question, about each domain? I have attached my questionnaire for your reference. For example, if we have to understand the importance of Workforce Management( which has 7 questions), should I ask an overarching question like :"The way we manage our workforce contributes to our success"? Similarly, should I ask a question for each domain so that by multiple regression, we will examine the strength of each domain.