P value two tail test estimation formula

Thanks in advance for reading my question.
For my stats class, we have estimate p value using the charts. And then we compare that outcome to alpha to decide if we reject or do not reject null.
For a two-tail test the processor wrote this formula:
2* P(t df>T stat) if Tstat is >O
2* P (T df< Tstat) if tstat is <O

I can't quite figure out the meaning of the above formula.
Even though I was able to solve my homework (see below) I would
still like to know the meaning of the above information.
Thank you.

This is how I solved my homework:
P value by hand:
P [t8 < -3.29) ] change to P[t8 >3.29]

[P(t8 >3.29)] is between .01 and .005
.005 <[P(t8> 3.29] <.01
2*.005=.01 2* .01 = .02

.01< P value < .02
Since .05 is the level of significance, and P value is between .01 and .02, reject the Null Hypothesis.
Yes, there is evidence of a difference in mean summated ratings between the two brands, with a .05 level of significance