Panel Data Analysis in SPSS possible?

Hi everyone, so I am stuck with my analysis. First a little intro: i have done various simple and multiple OLS regressions, including all tests, and I am capable of those things. Now, I am doing for the first time an analysis on panel data, and I am stuck. I have searched for manuals, but most - if not all, are either for STATA, or the situation explained looks like it doesnt apply to my situation. Unfortunately, I only have SPSS available, and know (a little) how to work with SPSS. If I have to, I can get a copy of STATA, but since it is very pricey, i rather not.

So my data:
I have 172 countries, and a time span of 10 years. -> I have some missing values, so not all data is available for all countries for all years.

Coming from theory, I have the following variables:
1x DV (a continuous variable ranging from -2.5 to 2.5, values of i.e. -1.952458 are possible)
2x IV (both continuous ranging from 0 to 500)
1x IV (dummies: 4 categories)
1x IV/Mediating: continous, I am not sure, so I want to test whether its an IV or Mediating
2 moderating variables which affects all relationships between IV and DV. 1 moderating variable is a dummy (0,1,2,3) and one is a continous variable
and 4 control variables, all continuous

So, I understand from theory, I have to do the following:
-Mundlak model to test whether i have to use fixed- or random effects analysis
- Hausman test to confirm the above test
- either the fixed or random effects analysis
- and then?

I know from simple regression that if i want to test mediation I do the Sobel test or the Baron & Kenny test. But how do i do that now?

I also know how to moderation in simple regression, but how does it works now?

And lastly, I played a little bit with a simple model in fixed effects, the output looks very much different then from simple regression, how does one interpret?

If possible, I would like to do the Vector AutoRegression, so I can say *something* about probability of possible causality.

So, long story short, are all tests mentioned and/or needed even possible in SPSS?
If so, in what order should I proceed?
how do fix my mediation/moderation problem?

in other words: what should I do?

Thanks for reading, and for any reply :)