Percentage Greater/Area

Hello everyone,

I am having a little difficulty figuring out how to solve this question:
The average snowfall in Boston is 44 inches with a standard deviation of 17 inches, if Boston's 1996 snowfall was 33 inches, what percentage greater was the snowfall of the winter of 1997 (62 inches)?

I figured out the z-score for both, then subtracted the percentage from the z-score in 1996 from the one in 1997, but this answer appears to be incorrect according to the quiz answer...can anyone help?

Thank you so much!


TS Contributor
percent increase is computed by:

(62 - 33) / 33 = .879
.879 * 100 = 87.9
= 87.9%

in general, it is "amount of change" divided by "original amount" multiplied by 100