Perceptual Map Challenge

Can you please help me on creating a perceptual map(brand map) that will show on a map the attributes and the products? The format of my data is:

Pr.A Pr.B Pr.C
Is good value for money 63.8 6.8 46.4
Is the most crunchy 49.5 4.3 35.1
Is available everywhere 74.3 8.8 61.1

the 63.8 means 63.8% of the respondents related "Is good value for money" with Product A.

Note that I don't want a graph that will make an axis for each attribute, but a normal map of 2 dimensions that will show a spot for each attribute and product.

I have tried creating a Chi-square matrix out of this table and then a matrix with the (Expected-Observed) cases. I used this transformed matrix to create 2 factors and then I graphed the data using the factor scores of each attribute. I don't know if this method is correct but it gave me some results. However, I need to graph the Products as well but by using this way I can't because they don't get a factor score.
Can you please suggest me a different method? I will very much appreciate your help!