Please check your Kolmogorov-Smirnov table for me?


I have not revisited this project for two years plus and I think I made a glaring error. I want to find the critical value in the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality table for 37 data elements with an alpha of 0.05. Could you check that for me. Much thanks.


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I don't quite understand why you're asking here? It's easy enough to just google that. What's the actual issue?
I selected a value from the table that was way off what I should have selected. Since I haven't seen this study for years I was thinking I might have missed something. It's an error that's too simple.

Can you check your K-S table and tell me what you have for a critical value?

I have 0.3376 which is critical value for alpha = 0.05 and 15 samples. But I have 37 samples so crit value should be from 0.22424 to 0.21017, right? 'Dunno why I selected the 0.3376. Senility?


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I got the same number as you. I don't recall how the test is performed and if there is a one-tail version of it or if that would be ridiculous. Though alpha =0.1 for n=37 is also no where near 0.3376.