Please help: ANOVA

I'm asking a group of young people who have experienced loss to complete the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory and then a sheet about different factors identified in previous research (age, gender, support network, religious beliefs, etc). I then want to see if there are any correlations between the amount of growth and these factors. eg do older adolesents experience more growth following loss?

I assume that assessing the correlation between Posttraumatic Growth (continuous data) and Age (continuous data) will require either a Pearson’s Correlation Co-efficient (if the data is parametric) or Spearman’s Correlation Co-efficient (if the data is non-parametric).

These analyses can also be used for comparing PTG with spirituality/religious beliefs, if the strength of these beliefs are rated on a 0-10 scale (continuous data) ranging from ‘Not religious at all’ to ‘Very religious.

If we estimate that there will be a small effect size, with a significant level of 0.05 and statistical power of 0.8, then a one-tailed test will require around 63 participants (according to an online calculator).

Assessing the difference between PTG (continuous data) and Gender (categorical data) will require a one-way ANOVA to compare the three group means (Male, Female, Other). Alternatively, a Kruskal-Wallis test will need to be used if the data isn’t parametric.

Does that sound ok?
How do I work out the sample size for ANOVA?

Thank you so much for your help
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