Plotting in r


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Hi There
I've goodness of fit my data 2 times. one time for normal distribution and another time for T.distribution. I have about 2500 data and I need to do graphical illustration now. my graphical illustration should be mix of ecdf and cdf for each of them( normal and student t).
I'm pretty new with R cods and I've done my tests in Excel. So can someone help me please how to plot them in R ?
Many Thanks


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Load the numbers into R and plot them using whatever plotfunction suits your purpose. There is a plotfunction for ecdf's you can google your way to it. There are also many tutorials online on getting csv data loaded into R. So save what you want from Excell as csv and load into R. Sorry with a question this inspecific it is hard to say anything more concrete, but please return if you have more questions relating to problem with loading the data or manipulating the plot functions you have decided to use.


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Oh many Thanks. I almost figured it out. Is there any good resource to learn R perfectly?Also is R professional to use it at work in the future ot MATLAB?!