Plotting output from logistic regression???

I ran a quasi-likelihood logistic regression using S-plus and have a question about how to plot and interpret the results. How can I construct prediction plots for each of the explanatory variables separately? I want a figure that shows how the dependent variable (prop.FF) changes over the observed range of CI.catch or sac.flow, etc.

The results are below; please provide any guidance or code that you can to help me generate these figures.

glm(formula = Prop.FF ~ CI.Catch + Sac.Flow + SJ.Flow + Exports, family =
quasi(link = logit, variance = "mu(1-mu)"), data = Kimmerer, weights
= Released, na.action = na.exclude, control = list(epsilon = 0.0001,
maxit = 50, trace = F))

Value Std. Error t value
(Intercept) -1.238084e+001 1.68125281328 -7.364053
CI.Catch 1.171744e-002 0.00187716832 6.242082
Sac.Flow 9.265649e-005 0.00002216445 4.180409
SJ.Flow -3.823436e-004 0.00010697922 -3.573998
Exports 2.357603e-004 0.00017176776 1.372552