post hoc test for 3 way anova


I am doing ANOVA using three fixed independent factors of which one is sex (two levels 'male' and 'female'), temperature (three levels: 1,2,3) and quality (two levels: good and bad) and I want to see the effect of these factors on dependent variable factors like life-span, weight and development.
Now alongwith significant main effects I have significant interactions too.
For eg. for weight I have significant three-way interaction of the above factors, and for development I have significant two way interaction of quality and temperature.
the groups have unequal sample sizes.
So what post-hoc tests can I use keeping in mind the unequal sample size and the three way interaction?
I am interested in comparing between the good and bad quality effects for the three way interaction (as shown in the image below)
Could anyone please guide me ? thanks .:wave:
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