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OK ive been up all night its 3:02 AM here I cant get this one question:

barry bonds of the san francisco giants had the highest batting average in the 2002 major league baseball season. his average was .370. so assume the probability of getting a hit is .370 for each time he batted. in a particular game assume he batted three times.

A:what is the probability of getting three hits in a particular game

B: what is the probability of not getting any hits in a game?

C: what is the probab ility of getting at least one hit?
GOT 1 part is it right though?

For example a player who gets a base hit in .250 of his plate appearances (not who has a .250 batting average) and who is at the plate four times has the following probability of for getting a hit in that game:

P(B) = 1 - (1 - .25)^4
= 1 - (.75)^4
= 1 - 0.31640625
= 0.68359375 or 68.4%