Power analysis - signed rank test

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Can anyone please let me know how I can calculate statistical power (observed power) for a data analysis done for a non-normal data distribution by the signed rank test?

Your help will be highly appreciated. I am conversant with SAS and SPSS software . Please let me know if there is method to calculate power in these softwares for the signed rank test.

I read that we need to use monte carlo simulations to calculate power for non-parametric tests. But i don't know for sure how it is done...

Someone please help ..its a bit urgent!

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Kindly reply please ....its very urgent

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I am eagerly looking forward for your kind reply. I am very eager to know how this power calculation is done for signed rank test.

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I am seeing many people interested in this question but can anyone please help me out?

You're better off going to a SAS forum or mailing list I think. I've asked a few R questions here and never heard anything back. As far as I can tell the admins don't answer questions anymore.